Connect a PSR-S970 to Cubase 8?

Hi there,

I there anybody knows how to use a Yamaha PSR-S970 to Cubase 8?
So i can use different instruments from my Yamaha in different tracks in Cubase 8.

I hope this is possible.

Regards Kimbo.


Open Devices > MIDI Device Manager. CLick to Install Device. Select Yamaha PSR-S970, and click OK. Back, in the MIDI Device Manager, select the MIDI Output (at the bottom of the window).

Add a MIDI track. As an Output, select Yamaha PSR-S970. MIDI Channel is set to 1. In the Program Selector, you can select the program (sound) directly. Add another MIDI track. Make sure, the output is set to Yamaha again (it should by automatically). Make sure, the MIDI Channel is set to 2 (it should be automatically).

Appart from MIDI connection, make sure, the Line Out from your Yamaha is connected to the Line In of your sound card. Add a Stereo Audio track, to be able to hear (and record) the audio signal from your Yamaha and mix it with virtual instruments from Cubase.

You can only do this if your synth has multiple outputs and your sound card multiple inputs.

If you mean Audio, then it’s true. Or you have to record it in real-time track by track.

Thanks for you help.
But the S970 is not in the list only the S950
And my Keyboard is not show as Yamaha S970 but as Digital keyboard 1 en 2

Oh, you are right. But insn’t it the same sound set? Then you can use it.

As an MIDI Out, use the Digital Keyboard 1 then.

Ok its working now.
Just put off some settings in the keyboard and it’s works fine :smiley:
Im so happy with you help, many thanks!