Connect a send, have it activate automatically

Throw back to an old question: is there some option to make a send activated as soon as you picked one?

Seriously, why do you need that extra pixel-hunt?

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Protection against feedback?

If I’m not mistaken there should be an option on the preferences, which is deactivated by default: “Connect Sends Automatically for Each Newly Created Channel”.

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I think this is a problem with having a single freely movable sends system - in having that freedom, it can mean it being a bit of a click fest when creating and changing FX channels. The “Connect sends…” function is only for new channels - it can’t apply to tracks already created because you can put your sends anywhere!

It would be better if there was a dual system -

FX channels have a fixed setup whereby sends are auto created and maintained for all channels. Traditional reverb / delay type fx sends are then always instantly available to all channels. There would also finally be distinct reason for having FX channels over groups.

A second set of freely movable sends are then available for sidechaining, signal splitting, sound design etc

You can’t create feedback in Cubase with sends\returns

Oh yes, this is super annoying to have it always turn on

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Agreed. If I add a send to a track, it’s because I want it active and doing something. This is one of numerous things that keeps Cubase in a severely click-heavy state. Make it a togglable preference.