Connect Alesis DM5 to Cubase (MIDI)

Hello everyone

Has anybody experience in connecting the Alesis DM5 module to your DAW (mine:Cubase 9.5 Pro) via midi?

If so, can anybody explain me step by step what I need to do regarding the module as well as in the DAW

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


hi Chris

do you have a midi interface ?
do you have an audio interface ?!
do you have an external audio mixer ?

Sorry for the missing information … Newbie here :sweat_smile:

Midi inerface: Thomann Midi USB 1x1

Audio Interface: Steinberg Ur824

External audio mixer- No

hi Chris

so basically you need a midi cable from the Thomann interface (out) to the DM5 (in)

you also need to find a way to input midi data into cubase, you can use a keyboard or just write the notes in by hand (if that makes sense?)

To hear the output from the DM5 then you would probably be best plugging the DM5 audio outputs into a couple of spare channels on the UR824 - these will need tracks assigning and input monitor switched on.

Luckily cubase has a simple way to automatically do this - called ‘External Instruments’ - you still need to make physical/cable connections.

Watch this and see if it makes sense:

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incidentally I’m a v-drums fan - the DM5 is fairly prehistoric (I used to have the DM4 when it first came out!) - try demoing some of the new stuff…especially Superior Drummer 3, it’s amazing and makes the DM5 look like a poor quality toy.

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