Connect and Quantize Issues


I just purchased Cubasis 3 for my iPad Pro yesterday and, for the most part, I am loving it! There are two problems that I cannot figure out and do not see them mentioned anywhere else.

  1. Quantization is hit or miss and most of the time does absolutely nothing to my MIDI tracks that need it.

  2. Today, the app stopped recognizing my iRig Keys I/O. As in zero signal.

Has anyone else experienced this or is there something that I’m missing? Everything seem to be working fine yesterday but today as I got more into the app, I started seeing these problems.


Hi @mchopkins,

Thank you for your message and welcome to the Cubasis forum!
We are glad to read that you seem to enjoy using Cubasis so far - greatly appreciated!

So far, we are unaware of quantisation issues. Normally quantize should work fine when choosing an appropriate value (e.g. 1/16th), selecting the event planned to be quantised and tapping the Q button.

Does the iRig keys issue remains? If so, does it help to re-connect the device to the iPad?

In addition, please check out our Getting started with Cubasis tutorial, to see if it is of help to get familiar with the app more quickly.

Best wishes,

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Hi Lars,

Thank you so much for this valuable information! I have the manual and it makes no mention of selecting the quantize rate and then pressing Q so I was not doing that that I’m aware of.

And you are right—restarting the app and the iRig Keys did the trick. It’s an unfortunate glitch but I’m guessing it has more to do with the controller than the software.

Thanks for the link as well!


Hi @mchopkins,

Thank you for your updated message.
We are glad to read that your problems are solved.

Enjoy making music
& stay safe and sound!