Connect Pro ... Host and Client on the same network.

Can someone confirm that with Connect Pro you can run both the host and client software on the same network. It doesn’t work with the basic VST Connect in Cubase 9.5 and the client software.

I would like to do this to enable me to learn both parts of the software connections using two Mac computers on the same lan, and observe the processing of data from both sides.


Only the PRO version offers a LAN button (on the Performer app) which gets lit as soon as a Cubase or Nuendo with an active VST Connect PRO plugin is present.

Hi you, will it also work if both sides are running even on the same computer in the lan?


No, but why would you use VSTconPRO and Performer on the same computer ?

As a workaround for the missing option to use two different asio drivers/audio interfaces simultanuously. :slight_smile:

ahh - ok.

Not the right solution for that problem - I’m sure you’ve been down this route but ASIO4ALL ? Not nearly as good a driver as native drivers (especially because you have RME)

I can’t see the ‘multiple ASIO’ driver thing ever being dealt with natively in cubase - too many issues. Better to route outputs from one interface to the other physically (just my opinion obviously)