Connect Pro via lan

Is there a way to connect VST Connect Pro via a local lan?

The PRO version should do this - the SE version does not

Thank you.
I have tried what I think makes sense but no luck.
Somewhere I think I saw “Do not login in the normal fashion” but use the id but no luck for me…

Not the ID button.
Start both sides, then the Performer shows a blue WiFi type of button, click it. Do not log in or press the id button beforehand.

As Musi knows, I personally have had (and others have reported) problems with LAN login - haven’t had time (or inclination) to pin down exactly what the problem is…both Mac and PC

For example on one machine works on C10.5 but not C10 - another is the other way round. Fresh install seemed ok. Suspect that it’s something in the cubase preferences as I can’t see what else it can be.

Report back if it doesn’t work and I’ll try to pin down why.

^^^^and you’ll know you have the right button as it will show the computer IP address of the “studio” computer.

…and here’s an animated gif of how it looks on both sides



cool :slight_smile: