Connect speakers to UR22mkII


I have some problems with connecting my usb audiointerface with my speakers.
Normally my sound comes from Realtek (built-in), but now I would like to hear the sound that comes from the UR22mkII-interface.
I have two M-Audio AV40-speakers and I use the TRS-inputs; the speakers also have line-inputs.
The speaker- cable, that ends in one small plug, used to go in the pc (green input).
How do I connect the interface, that has two outputs at the rea, with my speakers, in a way that i can use this soundcart?



You need a cable reduction, from 2x jack 6.3 male (to your UR22 Line Out 1 and 2) to 1x jack 3.5 female (here, you will connect your green AV40 speakers connector).

You better should get 2 TRS / TRS cables

Hi guys,
I guess that I can’t exactly explain what I ment, therefore I’m looking to download an image (drawing) of the situation.
But I also cannot find the way how to do that.
Can you tell me how to download an image and place it in my question?


Don’t download it, just send the link to the picture.