Connect two microphones to a Audio Recording Interface

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I have a Focusrite saffir pro 24 dsp Audio Recording Interface, and I record sound using my microphone condenser (AKG c214).
For recorders with this microphone i have to press on the “48V” button (why I have no idea, I just realized that it is necessary).

I just bought another Dinamic Microphon (shure). The question is, can I connect the two microphones to the Audio Recording Interface and use them simultaneously? together?

Because what I know, for a dynamic microphone does not need to press one 48V button.

Could it destroy something / cause a problem?


The ‘button you’re referring to is called "phantom power’ and supplies 48+V power to the mic. Some types of mics need it to generate a usable output signal. The thing with your Focusrite saffire pro 24 interface is that you can only en/disable this for both inputs. So if you want to use an additional mic you have to make sure it needs or at least can handle phantom power? Take look at the specs of the new mic. A lot of modern mics can deal with phantom power even when not needed. If not you need to buy one that can or drop the current one you’re using. Either way, you need a pair that can operate under the same circumstances.

All the dynamic micophones I have (Shure, Sennhesier, AKG, A-T) can be used with phantom power switched on, so I’d say you are safe. And mixing dynamic and condenser mics should not be a problem at all in your case, Just turn on 48V, plug the C214 into one input and the Shure (SM57?) into the other, set gains accordingly and you should be fine:)
imho and all that

the dynamic mic is Shure SM58

Then you are definitely fine:)

tanks !! :slight_smile: