connect UR 44 to USB C

(this issue might have been discussed here before but I can’t find any information by using the search feature…)

I just got a nice(???) new macbook pro from work and I’m trying to connect the steinberg UR44.
Because the macbookpro only has 2 USB-C connectors I try to connect it by using a USB hub (satechi).
Unfortunately (as mentionned in the UR44 manual) this doesn’t seem possible. I don’t see the device listed in the “audio midi setup” utility anyway…
So how should I connect it?
Will it work by using a USB2 (type b) -> USB C connector without the usb hub? And is the best (only?) option?
Thanks for the help!

I’ve not tried this, nor do I own a Mac, but technically connecting via the USB hub should work - at least it should be visible. It is in many respects no different to using a single cable. This is of course what you already thought, I’m just confirming you are not going nuts!

It occurs to me that the UR44 might be in CC (Class Compliant mode). There is a switch for turning this on and off on the back fo the UR44, by chance is CC mode on, in which case turn it off. Complete guess on my part, but I’ve made this mistake before (and done the whole “faceplam” moment).