Connecting 2 MR816CSX with 2 Focusrite OctoPre MkII Dynamic

Managed to get 2 MR816CSX at blow out prices.
I am new at this so please advise on the following:
Can I just connect the 2 Focusrite OctoPre to the 2 MR816s with ADAT cables and they will lock in time?

I assume that one MR816 will be the master and the other the slave. Does the slave send clock signals through the ADAT cables for clocking? Do I need to connect the BNC clock? or do i need a Clocking device?


yes you connect the way you say and The focusrite’s will clock via ADAT. you can daisy chain the fire wire connection on the two MR units so you’d have 32 IO with your 2 focusrite’s.

Be aware though that you’ll only have zero latency direct hardware monitoring on your first(master MR unit) so in your case that would be the 8 MR analogue inputs and the 8 focusrite inputs connected to it via ADAT.


I just bought an Octopre MKII and have only one MR816x. So I will have Dm from all 16 mic pres using adat link?

yes, you will.