Connecting 828x to 896HD via lightpipe

Hi -

Wondering if any one can point out what I’ve done wrong. I’m trying to utilise the preamps on my old 896HD. I’m running a MOTU 828x currently.

I’m using the 896HD in standalone mode and I’ve routed all the preamps so they’re outputting to ADAT at 48Khz. The clock is set to internal.
I’ve got a light pipe going out from the 896HD to the 828x.

The 828x is set to 48Khz, clock is ADAT optical A.

So I’m receiving all the preamps… everything is working apart from the fact that I’m getting pops in the audio which points to a sync issue…

Any ideas for the next step?


  1. Increase buffer size(s).

  2. Run another ADAT the other direction and try to reverse the sync relationship (have no idea if that works).

  3. Get a BNC cable and run clock using that instead (with current master/slave selection).

PS: I have no experience with that brand really, but that’s what I would test. If you’re in NY I can give you cable if you don’t want to buy one.

Cheers buddy - I’ll try those recommendations.

I’m in Leicester England but I appreciate the offer of the cable! Does the quality of the optical cable matter or is a light pipe a light pipe.

Fixed it - Bought a new light pipe to try 2nd suggestion and tried replacing the original before using 2. Worked! Without pops. Must be a dodgey cable.

Thanks for the help.