Connecting a 3.5mm stereo mic to an UR22

Hi, I want to connect a 3.5mm stereo mic plug (coming from a gaming headset) to my UR22, but I only get silence from the line inputs.

I tried this 3.5mm mono plug to XLR adapter:

Using this I can sometimes get a barely audible glitchy input, with the gain knobs at max. The input is mostly drenched in noise though.

If the mic signal coming from the headset is not balanced (which I don’t think it can be), won’t the R+L mic signals cancel each other out? Maybe I need to first convert my 3.5mm stereo plug to a 3.5 mono plug and then use the XLR adapter?

Looking at the manual for the UR22, it looks like it always treats an XLR input as balanced, and that I might need a 6.35mm mono plug for it to accept a non-balanced mic.

Please help, I’ve searched for this issue but cannot find a good answer. What type of adapter do I need?

An update to this issue. I tried it with a 6.35mm mono tele plug and it almost worked. I get some signal, but very, very low. I believe this is because the UR22 treats any 6.35mm plug as a line-in signal.

It looks like the only way for a UR22 to accept a microphone signal is through the XLR connector. I’m currently thinking I need to solder my own Stereo3.5mm-UnbalancedMonoXLR FemaleToMale connector for this.

I tried the same thing with Neutrix adapter( and no dice same as without it. UR22 doesn’t register anything.