Connecting a two-piezo drum pad with 3.5mm TRS Stereo jack?

Can any of the lower end units accept a 1/8" or 1/4"male TRS Stereo line in / mic?

I did search and found someone in my exact situation in 2015 who did not find a solution.


I would imagine not. But it’s trivial to use a TRS to two TS adapter.

Ah so like I need a UR22, not a UR12?

Sorry, what?TRS to two TS adapter. - Google Search

I bought a UR12 because I thought I just needed one mic input, but it sounds like I need to return that and get something with two mic inputs like the UR22 plus the cable you helpfully suggested.

In order to get a stereo TRS mic to work properly you will need the adapter steve mentions, and also two TS female → XLR male adapters, because the TRS inputs of the UR22 MkII are line level, not mic level.
So the simplest way to do it would probably be to have a custom cable made. TRS female->2xXLR male.

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Am I just looking at the wrong base equipment? Whenever I see the answer to a question is to get some weird nonstandard cable made for me by an actual human for a one-off price, I think that maybe the initial question itself was silly / shows a lack of knowledge of the field.

Specifically perhaps something like this, but from a more reputable manufacturer who supplies their own ASIO drivers for Windows? And also that does at least 192, or preferably 394 KHz?


StarTech . com USB Sound Card w/ SPDIF Digital Audio & Stereo Mic – External Sound Card for Laptop or PC – SPDIF Output (ICUSBAUDIO2D),Black


Q: is the mic input stereo or mono?
A: The microphone input for the ICUSBAUDIO2D is stereo.
Atha, StarTech . com Support
By StarTech-com on February 18, 2019

Possibly. May I ask why you want to use this particular stereo mic, or what do you need to do that requires a stereo mic?

Normally “prosumer” and professional products would use an XLR jack, or in the case of a stereo mic, for example, I have a RODE NT4 stereo mic that comes with a Y cable, and plugs into two separate channels on the interface.

I never like to have adapters or extra devices in the signal path, so much more to go wrong.

Use is to connect a two-piezo drum pad to the Audiofront DSP Trigger software, which takes raw audio and translates it into MIDI, including positional sensing, rimshot sensing, etc. (so the stereo bit is really important.) So the usual out on these devices is 1/4" TRS.

Oh. Not a mic.

I think I might have sorted what you’re saying.

You want to know if you can use a jack to send two channels of audio into a UR12. Problem is, the UR 12 has only one channel.

So you need an audio interface with two channels.

Also, I don’t know if you’ve looked at the DSP Trigger manual, but they show a 1/4" TRS into the drum pad, and two RCA jacks into the audio interface, not the other way around.

You will need still need a Y cable to plug into the 1/4 inch inputs on a UR device: Stereo TRS to two mono TS.

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