Connecting AeroBand ''guitar'' as a USB controller

…Yes, I know.

My friend (who is an experienced guitar player, by the way) has purchased this controller to experiment with Halion guitar sounds and explore the possibilities.
I tried to help him make the connection but failed. I was hoping on a plug and play but no such luck. I watched videos on YouTube that connect other devices via external instrument in the device manager. All I can see is our Focusrite interface (USB) and I do not see a dropdown menu anywhere with AeroBand MIDI device on USB.
My question: has anyone tried to connect this guitar-shaped controller to Cubase and is there a specific step by step tutorial I could follow on YouTube?
This issue is probably due to my inexperience with the Cubase device manager.

As far as I can see it, that devices is connected via USB to the computer and acts as a MIDI input device.
You just need to create an instrument track with Halion, and make sure that track is record enabled (key command “r”). Also, check that your MIDI guitar ist properly recognized by Cubase in the MIDI port Setup:

You must see a MIDI port with the Name of your device (probably something like “AereoBand”). Make sure it is included in “All MIDI”. Else you have to specificically select it on the Haltion track as a MIDI input:

If the device is not there, it is most likely a problem outside of Cubase and that guitar doesn’t properly register itself as a MIDI device on your system.

Hi and thank you for the advice and the clear illustrations: it helps me a lot. We will try again next week.