Connecting an ipad via USB and recording audio with its mic

Hi everybody,
today I saw a video on YouTube by Andrew Huang (Actually making good music with apps - YouTube), connecting his iphone to Mac computers via USB and recording audio in his daw (Ableton Live) so I tried the same with my Ipad 8 but I had some issue, and I couldn’t do it in Cubase…
My main soundcard is a MOTU828mkII firewire
Can anyone help me to understand better?
Thank you,


What kind of issue did you have?

I expect, your Audio Device doesn’t play any role, if you want to use the iPad as the Audio Device, right?

Hi Martin,
for the truth what I want was not to use ipad mic but ‘moving’ loops from an app recording them into Cubase in a digital way; in the video AH used Ableton Live - and, when I tried with Live9 lite I was able to do the same - but in Live you can set two different devices for input and output so I could record (setting ipad as input and MOTU as output) and monitoring at the same time…
When I tried in Cubase I finally was successful in recording but I had no way to monitor the input nor in Cubase neither through ipad and/or phones…).

p.s. Normally I would manage to do the transfer in some other way but in this case I had to save some loop variation that I wasn’t able to save into ipad app (Blocs Wave, to be precise)


In Cubase, you cannot use multiple devices at once. Only 1 ASIO driver can be in use. So the option is either to use ASIO4ALL on Windows, or Aggregate Device on Mac to merge multiple devices to one.

I don’t know, how do you want to connect it, do you want to use digital connection to really get the “digital way”, you ask for? Isn’t it better (and possible) to export/import a WAV file?

I tried an USB connection but I wasn’t able to get monitoring even with an aggregate device (I didn’t use it very much, really…).

Yes, it is - actually - but at the moment I still hadn’t figure out how to do it: I wanted in particular to export a random variation generated by a loop in Wave Blocs and it’s not possible as a separate function (from BW it’s possible to export Ableton Live Sets but with ‘original’ loops) but finally I realized I could do the job via an Audio Bus connection…

Thank you one more time for answering!