Connecting axiom 49 pro midi controller

I am trying to connect an old axiom 49 pro midi keyboard to cubase 12.
I tried midi to usb cable (directly to the computer), midi to midi cable (into the audiobox itwo interface), both did the same -
The “midi in” activity line works continuesly, but there is no midi response when i press the keys of the keyboard.
I went to the studio midi setup and the ports are all active and it did recognize the axiom keyboard in all the ports, but no response to the keys/faders/nothing.
When i tried connecting my old yamaha piano midi to midi it worked immediately.
What is the problem?

There is an old Axiom file floating around called cubase.xml or something similar. This can be imported into cubase as a remote MIDI device. The axiom-49/61 then works on MIDI ch 1 via the USB cable. The faders, knobs and transport all worked for me on my Axiom-61 1st Gen. It has been a while since I used this so I can’t give a step-by-step off the top of my head. Here I looked up the file for you.
Go here …
Select legacy | Axiom 49 | your OS then click "Show Result "
The file is called Enigma Download it. Open Enigma XML, then choose Enigma XML folder, and then Axiom 49-61 It contains 2 files the .xml and .txt.
Look at .txt. It is instructions for an older cubase version but still works with cb 11/12.
In Cubase 11/12 menu, click Studio | Studio Setup | Add Device then choose generic remote. Just follow the .txt file from there to import the .xml file. You have to set the axiom 49 to send on CH1 .
This is much quicker than having to train cubase to learn every Axiom control.
Hope this helps.