Connecting bluetooth speaker to cubase

I have recently started using cubase again and wanted to output to my bluetooth speaker instead of the internal PC speakers. When I connect the speaker to my PC it will output audio form the PC but now Cubase.

Can anyone help?

I am back on cubase after a very long holiday. I used to tour with an atari and flight cases full of sampler modules and drum machines. It is so much simpler now.


Cubase uses ASIO drivers, and bypasses the Windows audio system, so the driver’s control panel is where to configure the output device.

Wow, truly.

Sorry to be a pain but where and how do I do this?

It depends on your setup, which you haven’t divulged.

Just to make sure:
You are using a laptop PC (?)
What Windows version?
Cubase version?
Is there an ASIO driver available on you system?
We will get you there, there are some smart people on this forum :wink:

I am on windows 10 and have some how installed ASIO Link Pro Tool apps. Also drivers appears in in the output drop down in sound settings. So

Speakers 02 (ASIOVADPRO Driver)
Speaker/HP Realtek
Speakers 04 (ASIOVADPRO Driver)
Speakers 01 (ASIOVADPRO Driver)
Speakers 03 (ASIOVADPRO Driver)

Probably totally wrong.


You can output audio from Cubase to your BT speaker using ASIO4All, but it might not as be efficient as you’d like. You’ll get an unacceptable latency when you play your midi controller live. If you’re only listening to audio, then it’ll work. In this setup, I hooked up my Edifier BT speaker in the Bluetooth & Devices settings in Windows 11. Then I connected to it through the various panels in Cubase. At 512 samples, Cubase plays fine but with latency. Any lower than that and it takes a while for audio to be heard, and when you do, it comes in spurts, so unusable

Its going to just be easier to hard wire form audio out rather than bluetooth. It just looks over complicated.