Connecting cassette deck to ur22Mk2

Hi folks I want to digitise an old band cassette tape stereo recording, preserving it as closely as possible to the original. I need to go from the L and R RCA outputs of the cassette deck into the inputs of a Steinberg ur22 Mk2 interface connected to my PC. Should R and L Output RCA plugs from cassette deck be stereo or mono to connect to the ur22 pls? (Will need to buy two RCA to 6.35mm (1/4") adaptors - basically just need to know whether they should be stereo or mono).

They RCAs from a tape deck are each mono carrying one side of the stereo signal (L and R). To get the full stereo signal into the inteface you would record through inputs 1 and 2 so you get both sides of the signal. The RCAs will need an adapter (RCA to 6.5mm mono jack) to fit into the UR22. You should be able to set up Cubase to record it as a stereo track or you could do two mono tracks with the channls panned hard left and hard right:


Thanks, wildschwein - all very clear now.

May I ask something else, pls, if you’re still looking on?

How do I find whether my ur22Mk2 has ASIO driver installed, pls? I believe the driver comes with Cubase, but I use Reaper rather than Cubase.


You still use the same USB driver:

I used to use that interface with Reaper but don’t own one anymore. You choose the audio device in Reaper from preferences where you should see Steinberg’s driver as an option if you have it installed.

Thanks a lot for your further info and the link. Got a bit of reading ahead of me!


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