Connecting/combining voice stems in Dorico - how to

I’ve run into a problem with my drum chart. I have several instances where I’d like the stems of notes to connect, but I cannot find a way to do so. The 1st image shows what I have, and the 2nd shows what I am aiming to get.
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I think you go to library menu, choose notation options, then percussion. In “voicing for drumset kit presentation” see what you have chosen. Hopefully that may fix your issue.

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Another way of doing it:

Go into Setup mode.
In the Players list (on the left), click on the “>” symbol on the Drum Set to display the instrument (it will change to “V”), then click on the " " and choose Edit Percussion Kit… .
In the Edit window which opens, select each of the drum set components (eg Hi-hat, Snare Drum, Kick Drum) and set Stem direction and voice: to be the same - you probably want stem down and voice 1.
Click on Apply.