Connecting different external instruments

Hi, I’m new to cubase.
Would like to ask if there’s a way for connecting multiple external synths, using Motu M4 as audio interface?
I just got Cubase pro 12, but for what I have found, I can only connect and record one external instrument, unless I have an audio interface with multiple ins. I have about 12 different external instruments connected to a Yamaha mixer. The outputs of the mixer are connected to the inputs of the MOTU. My problem is that I can only control and record one instrument. Is there something I can do to fix this?

I honestly don’t quite understand what you mean with that.

Hi Nico5, thx for the reply. Sorry for not being clear, English is not my first language.
What I’m trying to say is that the one synth that I choosed to connect though external instrument, can save the preset I want to use for the project through cubase. That way, when the project is opened, the synth can find that preset automatically, so I don’t have to look it manually at the synth. That is what I mean with controlling it. The same synth can also be recorded.

I would like to know if there is a way were I can do the same with my other synths.
I’m now experimenting with midi track, but it would be great if I could do it through instrument tracks, like a VST.

Hoping what I wrote makes some sense.

It makes a little more sense now.

First you have to make sure that you have midi connections (with midi cable or USB cable) to each of your external synths.

And then it should be possible to do what you want:

Also: there seem to be several YouTube videos: cubase set up external instruments - Google Search

This should work pretty much the same in Cubase 12 as in previous versions.

Thx again for the help. Yes, I have my synths connected through midi with USB to my computer and have the drivers installed (all are recognized). The thing is that I’m only being able to connect just one through external instruments, that’s why I don’t know if an audio interface with multiples inputs would be necessary for it to be able to connect multiple gear.
I used Digital Performer looong ago and I was able to do it easily. Then I quit for some time and got back about a year ago. Was using Logic Pro, but couldn’t find a way to save the presets of the external synths I was using into the project. I had to write in a paper or something each patch I was using in the different synths, so when I opened the project, I needed to find em manually for each keyboard.
Decided to get Cubase since I read lots of good reviews about it and since the version 12 just got out, I decided to give it a try.
Will keep continue researching. I’m wondering if I should got back with Digital Performer instead…

I have an M4, too. Since you have 4 input channels, you can create 2 Stereo Ext Inst bus’s or 4 Mono bus’s. Assuming you want to use the Stereo bus X2, create the instrument connections and the Control Room outputs (Stereo Bus, outputs 1 and 2). When you’ve done this, at the top of the Audio Connections panel, open the drop down window and find the connections you have created (it should be listed there) and add this as a saved Preset Bus, name it ‘MOTU 2 EXT Stereo Instruments’ or whatever you like. Then close the Project and save it as a ‘Template’. If you open this Template, the connection paths will be there. If you skip the Template, you can create a new Project and open the Audio Connection tab and select ‘MOTU 2 EXT Instruments’ and you can go from there.