Connecting Digidesign 002 console with Cubase 11 LE

Hi - I would like to use my old (…I know it’s old :laughing:) Digidesign 002 with Cubase 11 LE - I have new PC with firewire card connected to digi 002 but it is not communicating (like it does with Mac and ProTools). I installed all possible drivers and nothing.
Any ideas how to make it work?
P.S. I know it’s best to buy new interface, but I would like to make digi 002 work with new Cubase just for fun of it :slight_smile:
Thank you for any solutions - cheers.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

As far as I remember, there is no ASIO driver for this very old Audio Device. Therefore you cannot see it in Cubase.

Have you tried the Legacy FireWire (FW) driver under Windows? I have seen people talking about this in various forums: Digi 002 and Windows 10 - Avid Pro Audio Community

You might have to search more generally for some fixes:
How do I install the Firewire 1394 Legacy Driver in Windows 10? | Australia
Changing to the Legacy IEEE-1394 (Firewire) Driver in Windows 7

Hi - thank you for reply.
Yes I checked and installed Legacy firewire and chcecked all those drivers already - whatever Ifound in Google - nothing works :frowning:
Cubase doesn’t see digi 002 at all and therefore they can’t communicate.
For a brief moment dogi 002 reacted as it should, but just for few seconds and then it went dead again :confused: but Cubase still doesn’t recognize it.
If any ideas will come to your mind please let me know :slight_smile:

Hi - yes it is very old - I am trying to do it just to see if I can make it work again :slight_smile: …it’s kind of masochistic idea :smiley:

It will be a tough road on Windows 10. Does Windows itself see the device in device manager?

It looks like years ago Cubase could be set up to use the 002 but this was probably the rack not the control surface. I don’t think the control surface actually works with anything but Pro Tools (I could be wrong though):

You could also try installing an earlier version of Windows like v7 and using an older version of Cubase. I think Cubase 10 was the last version supported on Windows 7. The other thing to look into is the chipset of the FW card.

There was some good discussions in the Sound on Sound forum here:

From the Reaper forum:

On the off chance have you tried the ASIO4All driver in Cubase?

Thank you for links. Will check them out.
Yes - I installed ASIO4all - didn’t help.
I am updating now drivers for digi002 so it can show up in device manager on PC, so DAW and digi mixer can find it. Will see :slight_smile:

Hello. Have you found a solution to this problem as of yet? I am asking because I have the same issue. I only solved it by purchasing a new mixer. Let me know.


not yet - friend of mine was able to make digi002 console to “respond” (it is “alive” - working) but my cubase is not communicating with it. Drivers are the main problem here, because mixer is only communicating with PC or MAC through them, and they are not supported any more :confused: so it might be the only way to get new interface or mixer :confused:

if your trying to use any firewire gear with windows 10 then best forget about it.
ive got a few focusrite/mackie/tc electronic items and none work properlly there way too unstable.
the only choice you have is use win7 or xp …the legacy firewire drivers are useless too and cause more problems than they fix.
i had them working more stable with my rehersal setup i use a win xp computer running cubase i think its version 7 0r 8 but other than that forget using cubase /win 10 combo it will make you mental trying too get it too work.

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