Connecting External synths

I have Korg Kronos 2 and Yamaha Montage.
I connected them to my UFX via TRS cables and to my computer via USB.

  1. Under VST Connections, do I connect them under the “inputs”, or “external instruments”?
    (The kronos is connected to Input 1/2, and Montage 3/4).

  2. I have somewhat succeeded in recording the instrument in fact, but I’m not sure if things are connected correctly. I can get them recorded via midi track. But the sound doesn’t remain when I change something.

Ex. I recoreded a EP sound via midi track. Now I wanted to use a guitar sound on a different track, so I created a different midi track. When I finished recording the guitar, I pressed the playback, and the EP sound changed to the guitar. How do I go about this problem?

Set them up as external instruments.

You need to create two midi devices as well - one for the kronos and one for the montage. Then assign them to external instruments.

Make sure the synths are in some sort of ‘multi’ mode and then use different midi channels to control the different sounds.