Connecting flows via e.g. double bar line

Via layout options I can display flows on the same page.

Is it possible to have them connected right away, using e.g. a double bar line to separate them?
Provided the instruments are identical and active in either flow and layout?

I’m working on a piece that starts with a free/rubato part (no time signature, no drums, no rhythm) and transitions smoothly into a time signature part. I’d rather have these parts written in two separate flows, they simply feel like they should be separated. On the other hand, due to the absence of a “classical” pause between the parts, they should be displayed as connected.

If not possible, I would welcome this possibility for the future.

You can substitute the final barline by a double barline normally in the popover, if that’s all you’re looking for.

I think this should happen automatically as long as you enable flows on same page. Just overwrite the final barline in flow 1 with a double barline. Did you try it? You can hide the time signature of the 2nd flow if it is the same as flow 1.

Ok, looks like it’s already possible.
In my score the flows do indeed show on the same page, but every flow starts a new line.
Is this not the case in your score?…

LSalgueiro, how’s your handwriting font faring?

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As things stand you can’t start a new flow on an existing system. I mean, I guess you could do something with two music frames placed side-by-side, where Flow 1 ends in the left frame and Flow 2 starts on the right frame, but I have no idea whether it would be possible to hide all the clefs, let alone reduce the padding in such a way that the stave lines join up.

I have too much time on my hands, it seems. I tried what Leo is suggesting (as a possible workaround, if needed), and it’s definitely possible. The 2nd note in this example is a new flow residing in a new frame.

If I recall correctly, this method was used to insert a “preamble” in ancient music, where some intervals were specified at the very beginning of the piece.

[Edit] Read this :

Hey, cool!

It would definitely be helpful if you had a third choice in the layout options “Start flow on the same system”, but your suggestion looks tempting.
Thank you for your ideas!

It would be pretty difficult to allow different flows to start on the same system, so it’s not something I would expect to see any time soon.

I’d argue that if they are indeed independent flows (ie- separate pieces of music) then they should begin on separate lines anyway (even if they are on the same page). If there is not such a distinction, simply put all the music into one flow and use a double barline and problem solved. Presumably there is a pause in the music. If there is not, then I think we are just trying to force ourselves into an ideological box, so to speak, by wanting the second portion of music in its own flow when it isn’t necessary. If there is a break, then it seems the current options suffice.