Connecting LDP8 MIDI to Cubase LE 8 - Please help!


I have recently bought a Zoom R16 audio interface and DAW controller. Along with it came a full version of Cubase LE 8. Before this I used Sequel 3 and had no problems what-so-ever in terms of getting my LPD8 controller to work.

Now, after I have installed Cubase I have done what I can to set up the controller. I’ve added the generic remote and set the input and output to LPD8. The track inspector and transport panel both show that a signal is being send to Cubase but I can’t hear anything. When I add an instrument track or a MIDI track none of them works. If i open Halion and push the pads with a mouse click everything is okay.

I have searched on the internet, on forums and on youtube for almost 2 weeks now without any luck of getting it to function properly. The only thing I haven’t done is to set up the individual pads and nobs in the device menus but from what I can tell, the LPD8 should be plug-and-play. Can anyone help me?

Clearly there is something that I have done wrong or something that I have missed, so now I look to you guys for answers.

Just to clear things up a bit, I am still somewhat of a newbie in the field but work hard on getting my head around it so all aspects of my home studio works. If there is anything that I haven’t specified fully I will be happy to give you all the information I can possible find.


Hi and welcome,

If you want to use your LPD8 to trigger MIDI Notes, Remove the Generic Remote Device (or set MIDI In and Out as Not Connected). Generic Remote Device is useful, when you want to control Cubase functions via your MIDI device (like Start, Stope, and others).

Once you open your plug-in (probably Groove Agent?), make sure, your LPD8 pads are sending data of correct octave. Try to transpose it, please.