Connecting MCU Pro and Extender to CB7

Trying to connect these units to CB7 and both the control unit and the extender show the same data. For example, the first track on the extender and the main control unit are the same instead of the units working together as one. The ports in Device Setup are not the same and both units have been updated to the proper software version. I’m using a mac. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks!


You have to add a new (second) remote device for the extender.

Did that already. That’s how I was able to configure each unit to different ports in Device Setup. Thx for your response however.


Somehow, it has starting working. Didn’t change anything. Just came back in the studio to show a friend the problem and it started working properly. Wish I could post a solution but I simply don’t have one.

Thanks for the response I did get. Much appreciated!


You are welcome. Glad it’s working now. I run an older (Midi) MCU + 2 Extenders. Works like a charm, other than the messed up channel hiding and group button integration in C7 that I have been told will be fixed in 7.0.3.