Connecting MIDI pad (ROOKIE)

hey guys

Can someone please give me a play by play on connecting my Midi pad into cubase 8??

i recently had it connected and i pulled up my project a night later and no longer had any signal… Iv searched everywhere as far as basic connection errors or what needs to be connected in the inspector and im struggling

if anyone can please give me a basic breakdown for this that would be so generously kind.

thank you


Can you see incomming MIDI signal on the Transport Panel, when you hit the pad?

Is the Input MIDI Port in the Devices > Device Setup > MIDI Port Setup list?

hey man!

there is no signal at all…

from my device setup
INPUT it shows windows MIDI (than the name) MPD218 (the midi pad) OUTPUT Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth as active

in the inspector, i have switched these around to see if it was another but im so confused now…

i played it one time and it worked and now nothing?


So the Device is listed in the MIDI Port Setup, right? Is the “All Inputs” enabled in this line, pease? Could you send a screenshot of the MIDI Port Setup window, please?

thank you for your time firstly.

the device is listed because i "added’ it to the list as you will.

all midi inputs are available for me to click in the transport as well…

iv also tried switching inputs that are available in that picture. im just lost man

here are photos i hope they suffice!!
Attachments_201721 (4).zip (340 KB)


Could you try with any Instrument track, please?

Are you sure, you have an output from the Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth (on your internal Audio Device) routed to somewhere?

when you say try with an instrument track are you meaning through midi or like my microphone?
everything else has signal and i can record and go.

and to be honest im not even sure what microsoft gs wavetable even is…

the MIDI has a USB to my computer, im running a tascam 1641 as my interface. I guess i need to know how to route the midi pad to the interface?

ok wow. i found signal!! my outputs were disconnected somehow?

however when i hit the pad, sound isnt coming through my headphones…

how do i route this through my interface?

FYI you are the best man i really appreciate you!