Connecting my piano to Cubase with UR22

Hello guys,

I’m new here, just bought the UR22 and installed Cubase that came with it. I bought the interface for my digital piano ( yamaha clavinovaCLP 535) and for my electric guitar. The electric guitar is working fine, still have to figure out alot, but that will come along. however, the guy in the music store gave me a jack plug for my piano, with two ends at one end. but when i put it in the cubase wont recognize it. It says it can only play it with MIDI. Is this the only way or am I doing somthing wrong here? I hope someone can help me with this. Thanks already :slight_smile:


1st post. Welcome :slight_smile:

I attached a link to the manuals for your keyboard. Look at the Computer Related Operations Manual (the 1st link). Starting on page 4 it shows how to connect the keyboard to your computer using a USB to USB connection. This would be the easiest method but, if you have the midi to USB connection shown on page 5 then use that.

You didn’t mention which version of Cubase or computer you have… so I am giving general info. If on a windows computer, any CB version prior to CB9 will recognizance the keyboard only if you connect the keyboard and turn it on BEFORE starting Cubase (this has been fixed in CB9).

Generally speaking… see on page 6 where it says to turn the keyboard “Local” function to “Off”. Do that (instructions are in the Owners manual on page 91). Then, use a Cubase “Instrument” track with it set to “All Midi Inputs”. Choose a VST instrument (like HALion) and choose a instrument sound from it. Hopefully this will get you started. :wink:

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