Connecting Soundcard Output>Input w Guitar Cable

Anyone know if this is safe/possible? I’ve heard about doing this, but support gave me a vague response not to try it. I’m wondering if they’re being lazy, don’t know/care if it works, or just trying to play it safe telling me not to do it. Google tells nada. Has anyone tried? This would help me alot.

Thanks a million,

For all interested I found out:

I would not expect this will work because the driver would need to be used for
YouTube and Cubase simultaneously, which is something it will not want to do.
You could connect the outputs of the interface to the inputs, but this would easily
create a feedback loop (if you do not properly mute and route the signal) which
would cause problems and could damaged the unit. I would suggest using the
output of another sound card to feed to the input of the interface so there is no
feedback loop.