Connecting Steinberg CI2+ issues..

My brother bought a Steinberg CI2+ interface a few months back, and we have had a specific problem ever since.

The interface refuses to install properly or connect for more than 2-3 seconds before it gets a “black-out” and refuses to activate. All the drivers that we got with the CD-/DVD-ROM disks were installed. We later downloaded the latest drivers that we could find on the internet, but still no luck with getting a connection for power. Due to the power problem, I am unable to troubleshoot the interface to find the source of any other problems that could prevent us from using it properly. What may be the problem? I know it is quite “dry” information to go on, but we just can’t pull out more due to the situation.

I, myself, am in posession of another kind of interface, from another manufacturer. A M-Audio Fast Track C400 and running Cubase Artist 7 as DAW, and haven’t had any problems with connetion or such, only some sound drop-out’s after an hour or so if left without activity, which I believe is software or firmware based.

Point is, I have experience with sound interfaces and different music production DAW’s, but this is a problem I just can’t solve by myself. Anyone with experience of this problem or a member of Steinberg staff that could help me out with this?

Another point is: he’s only going to use this for Skype conversations and/or for quality sound for streaming video games, where I were the one to recommend him to buy a sound interface.