Connecting Steinberg MR816 x to windows 10

I recently came in possession of a Steinberg MR816 x in an attempt to record drums, unfortunatly im having the hardest time connecting it to my computer using windows 10. I have installed the Yamaha Steinberg FW Driver as its stated in the instructions, and it’s connected with a IEE1394 cable to the PC’s USB port. When installation is complete, the driver setup should start when i turn on the device. Yet nothing happens… I don’t see the device in ‘my devices’ either.

Can anybody here offer advise? Im searched far and wide and i’m getting desperate.

My understanding is, you have connected a Firewire IEE1394 compliant to USB.
You just can´t do that.
You have to connect the IEE1394 special cable to the computer´s dedicated socket.
See sockets and choose the right one. Search IEE1394 CABLE CONNECTION.

I know this is old. But FYI. On my Win 10 / MR816x setup I installed a Syba, SY-PEX30016 as a Firewire card and it works well.

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