Connecting Steinberg MR816csx to an external effect unit Using S/PDIF IN/OUT jack


I am reading the manual and trying to get my head around connecting the MR816csx to Lexicon MPX 550 Dual Channel Processor. Here is my setup:

MPX 550 Manual

steinberg mr816 manual
My connection:

– I am using two S/PDIF IN/OUT jack (Digital input/output jack) connecting IN of MR to out of MPX and OUT of MR to IN on MPX

– I have set MPX to get input from Digital input
In cubase:
I have added an external effect ( Pressed F4) and set the Send and return busses the available MR’s Digital IN and OUT with SPDIF Coax.

Then, I add a send effect ( MPX ) to an existing out. However, I don’t hear any reverb. I have the MR816CSX Hardware setting set to “SPDIF”.

I have added all of these to this screenshot!

Any help will be much appreciated!


I figured it out! Finally. I leave it here just in case some other person might find it useful!

    1. I should have used MR editor and increase the level S/PDIF OUT.
  1. Set the MR’s clock to Internal. MPX automatically slaves to that.

However, I have still one issue! MPX has two input level meters. Only the left one goes up and the right one stays at minimum. Any one knows why?