connecting Steinberg UR12 with synth Novation Mininova

Hello everyone,
I’m newbie to music world, just bought myself an audio interface Steinberg UR12 and i dont know how to connect it with the hardware synth Novation Mininova for registering my song to my laptop. Im using FL Studio for DAW.
I appreciate any help

Thank you very much.

Hi Brian,

Sorry to hear that you are having trouble connecting the MiniNova to your UR12.

If you are trying to record the internal sounds of the MiniNova you will need to connect a 1/4" cable from the left output of the MiniNova to the 1/4" input of the UR12. Next you would need to set the UR 12 as your audio device in Cubase then create an audio track. Since the MiniNova is connected to the second input of the UR12 you will need to select input 2 for your audio track in Cubase. If you are not able to get signal into Cubase try raising the maximum volume knob of the MiniNova.

Best Regards,

Derrick // Novation Technical Support