Connecting/ sync. two computers

I´m a FilmComposer. And more precise I´m new in this part of the music business.

someone know something about connecting and synchronize computers with each other ?

Right now I have one computer quadcore 8 mb ram, and run 64 bit including Cubase 7 in 64 bit. From this one is connected two monitors. On monitor 1 I run Cubase and VST instruments, on Monitor 2 i run videopicture from Cubase. So far ther´s no lack concerning Cubase …but when we come to the videopicture on monitor 2 Windows seems to work too hard to maintaining my videotrack-picture.

So I think -
why if I connect 2 computers with eachother (midi-sync mode) and let the other (new) computer run the videotrack only !! in a videoprogram. Then setting them in syncmode and let the old computer run Cubase only without the videotrack ? do you understand ? and then save ram and power !

And here is question no 2) :
Which videoprogram is able to run in midi sync with cubase

I believe what you are describing is VST System Link (See the Manual Pg. 669 “Dedicated Video Playback”)
I’m not completely sure what the stand is now but I seem to remember that each Computer needs to have an individual License if they will both be running Cubase. Perhaps this is no longer the case.
Be good if someone more knowlegeable in this regard would chime in :bulb:

HI everybody and and thanks for replying

If my computer (quadcore, 8gb ram and windows 7 i 64 bit) could handle both Cubase 7 all my vst instruments and a
videotrack smooth everything seems to be okay !! But my problem is the Video it flickers sometimes. I seems like windows needs more RAM to handle both !?

Can someone tell me if this is my problem ? or does anybody have another solution ?
could I configure windows differently ? or cubase

Else here is my solotion so far :

On my computer no 2 I could install the videoprogram ChainGang ( Yes it´s the name ) and then connect them in (Midisync)

Are you editing the Video in Cubase for tempo synch? Do you use another Video program? Some of them have time stretch for audio built in.

Can you use a lower res version of the video in Cubase to do the music composing then lay the audio into the final high res version?