Connecting to PA System

Sorry for the newbie question but I’ve never used software like VST Live in a live performance. I have an audio interface connected to my laptop. The audio interface has a headphone jack. Should I just run a cable from the audio interface’s headphone jack to the PA system? Or is there a better way of getting audio to the PA system?

Your audio Interface (not knowing which it is) almost certainly has other outputs, such as TRS (6.5 mm) or even better XLR sockets. Check your Interface for such connections, those are of better quality and impedance than the headphone jack.
If this is not applicable for whatever reasons, you may use the headphone output nevertheless, most of those are of sufficient quality, but you will probably need an adapter cable to split it into 2 jacks, if your PA operator doesn’t have one in his bag :slight_smile:

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Thanks! That’s helpful.

Most PA operators will use DI boxes anyway.
But the adapter from a stereo jack to two mono jacks is mandatory.

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My audio interface (UA Volt 1) has two outputs on the back (left and right) and the PA system has two line inputs. Should I run two separate cables to the PA, or an adapter that takes the two outputs and feed them to a single input on the PA?

These are very basic questions. Usually, as st10ss already pointed out, your PA operator (or FOH engineer) will put some DI boxes next to your interface and connect 2 cables from those 2 outputs left/right on the back of your interface to those boxes, and then from there via XLR to the PA (stage box).
If you operate the PA (mixer) yourself then yes, run 2 cables directly from those outputs to PA mixer or stagebox inputs if you want stereo. Search the internet for basic knowledge about PA systems and routing.


Thank you for your help.