Connecting to Steinberg server

When I open Cubase 7 the hub is not connecting me to the server. When I first installed C7 if did connect. Is the server down or is the problem on my end?

Thanks for any advice. :wink:

Aloha t,

If I open an existing song by double clicking
the Cubase icon of the song, the hub will not connect.

But if I just open the Cubase app (without opening a specific song),
the hub will connect every time.

Try it both ways.

HTH (hope this helps)

Yes I have tried it both ways also. I sent a message to tech support so I will see what happens. Thanks for the reply. :wink:

Hope you get it sorted.

And if you do, please consider posting back here with the answer
for other C7 users who might also be having this prob.

I did a search and found this thread on this very topic.
Perhaps it will help you.


Hi, If I want to open an item from the menu about, see my notepad with an error message … item not found …