Connecting Two UR824s and stability

I’m thinking of purchasing two… UR824s and would appreciate some advise as to how to get the UR824s to work together and to get some replies as to how there setup is working solid or not in a Windows 7 64 bit

GA-X58 UD4p… Core i 7… Win 7 pro 64.bit… 24 Gig Ram with Cubase 6.5 64 bit

I would say you’d connect your 2nd unit to the first via the ADAT connector, this will give you 16 analogue in/outs with direct monitoring.

at the moment though there’s a however

your second unit wont automatically clock to the first,well I presume it won’t if it’s the same as the MR units, this means that you’ll have to connect it to your computer to change the sample rate if you change sample rates at all.

there’s talk of addressing this in the future but I’m still waiting…


Hey Thanks,
So switching from 44100 to 48000 would be a pain.If your using both and want to change both . So Steinberg claims you can connect THREE but theres a catch.

So here is what I’m thinking if I can get by with one UR824 to do the job but need to switch.

Get them both running in what Hz I use the most. Then if I want to change the Hz and use only the Master UR824… I should be able to turn the Slave UR824 off and change the Master to what ever. If thats no problem of course while there both running .Then when I want both running again, just make sure the master matches the Hz in the slave before I turn the slave UR824 back on.

Would this work


yes absolutely, I’d check though to make sure 100% I know this is a problem with the 816’s you never know they might have designed it differently with the UR’s.

I have a UR824 and 2x MR816’s and my mobile rig when I get time to test it will be the two 816’s into the 824 via ADAT to give 24 IO into my laptop via USB.


Hey MC,
I see you have a close setup to mine on your desktop
I have… GA-X58 UD4p… Core i 7… Win 7 pro 64.bit… 24 Gig Ram with Cubase 6.5 64 bit

How is the Latency with the New drivers I do a lot of VST Instruments

Here is another thought I could get the Focusrite OctoPre MkII 8-Channel Microphone Preamp/octo pre,mk2,mk II
and adat-it to the UR824 and I think this would work very well… Because I could switch the Hz from the front panel of the Focusrite OctoPre MkII


Correct and that’s what the steinberg units are missing, either auto clocking or a hardware switch on the front.

Latency with the UR is pretty good for a USB device but in real terms it’s higher than FW or PCIe, for example at 64 samples on the UR your latency is similar to 128 on a PCIe card, however it’s still fine for playing VI’s.

for recording it doesn’t matter of course because of the great direct monitoring/dsp solution.


Ready to order the UR824 and make the move

Do you have to have a UR824 to get direct monitoring for the second machine or in other words can you get direct monitoring with the Focusrite’s Octopre MkII plugged in the Adat

Ok I answered my own question downloaded manual

I appreciate the information on this forum

Hi, how did this work out for you?