Connecting two UR824's together in Cubase 10 Pro


I have a UR824 Audio Interface, Cubase 10 Pro and a Win10 64-bit computer with i7, 16 ram, ssd, etc.

I’m thining about bringing all that down to the rehearsel place to record my bands music. It’s all about using the mic pre’s on the UR824, hooking it up and record everything using microphones, even the bass guitar, etc. Everything, like drums, electrical guitar, electrical bass guitar and vocals. Might take up to about 14 microphones all together if I’m guessing right… It’s like heavy rock music with distorted guitars, etc. A bit like 70/80’s/90’s’s rock music…

So, I also really like the on-board dsp effects on the interface (UR824) so you can do a little EQ, compression, reverb, etc on the input signal going into the DAW (Cubase 10 Pro).

So, here’s the question: I’ve noticed one single unit of UR824 only has 4 of those (per unit I guess). So could I buy more of them and connect them together using ADAT (or some other way?) to get those dsp effects on more “preamp recording channels” in Cubase mixer? For example, if I pair two of those units together will it get me “8 preamp channels with the dsp capability” or still just only 4 despite how many of those units I connect together? And if yes, then if hoooking 3 of those together will it get me a maximum of 12 then?

Hope you get the question and wish you all well!

Regards, from Robin Gardner

Hi Robin
Afaik there is no way to actively control two UR824 from one win computer. So you will have to set up one UR824 to act as a 8 channel preamp/8 channel output device via ADAT to the ur824 connected to your computer, and control everything from within cubase, but that means you will only be able to access the dsp of the unit connected to your computer via usb.
So 16 channels yes, but still only the DSP capabilites of the UR824 connected to your domputer.
Imho I don’t think you´ll necessarily feel you lack DSP as drums, bass and miked guitars rarely need dsp to sound good in a headphone recording mix.
Good luck!