Connecting UR44 With OWC External Drive

Hey all,

I’m borrowing a friend’s UR44 to see if it’s a good fit for my studio.

I cannot find info ANYWHERE online for this.

Here’s my current scenario. I currently run a Digi 002 rack interface via firewire into the OWC Mercury Dual external drive, then via another firewire, to my iMac.

If I were to replace the 002 with the UR44, this is of course, USB. [type B Female] The only USB connection on the OWC is also USB [type B, female]

First question: Is there a USB type B male To Type B male cable… or can I use an adapter/hub?

Second Question: as there is only one USB port on the OWC - can I still use the firewire connection to the iMac?

So confused.



  1. OWC FW drive for projects and connect it via FW 800 if you have that or FW400, depends on the OWC drive.

  2. Connect your UR44 to any USB ( I would probably grab a PCIe USB card just so my UR is on its own connection, I have my Motu MTPAV hooked up this way

  3. Daisy chaining the USB through the OWC, Im thinking no on that

  4. If I had your current setup I would simply FW both the OWC drive and the DIGI, daisy chaining FW gets finicky.
    Currently have OWC(Mercurey Elite AL Pro) drive connected via FW800 connector. My MR816 is connected FW800 to FW400 adapter from the Mac,

  5. You can use gender benders for the USB, adapters exist

    Thats what I would do.