connecting Yamaha DTXpress IV electric drums to Cubase

u connected the drums through midi and when i hit the snare it play sound of a crash.

i use EasyDrummer and BFD3 vst plugins

  1. how do i change it?
    i don’t want the midi keyboard will be changed, only the electric drums…

  2. how do i save it that every time i chose the electric drums it will work?

  3. the drums have severel sounds on each part (when you hit the snare on the middle or on the side the sound is different). how can i know when i edit it in the software how to assign every sound? i dont want to miss a sound…

  4. is there any way someone saved these settings and i can download it from the net?

    please try to help
    thank you…

Then check the manual of your drum VSTis, or learn about drum maps.

Check the manuals of your drum VSTi, or learn about how to save drum maps.

Check the manual of your drum VSTi.