Connecting Zoom H4n with Cubase 11 on MacBook Big Sur

Hi all, I’m struggling to get Cubase elements 11 to register my Zoom h4n, on MacBook Big Sur.

So in System Preferences>Sound, there is ‘H4’ Type: ‘USB’, and the sound bar indicates it to be working.

In Finder>Utilities>Audio MIDI Setup, H4 1, 0 ins / 2 outs and H4 2, 2 ins / 0 Outs, both are down as 44.1 Hz.

I create new project on Cubase, go Studio>Studio Setup>VST Link System from there to ASIO Input but there is no H4, and I also go to Studio>Audio Connections and look for a H4 in audio inputs there too…

Tried to include photos but it wouldn’t let me as a new user, many thanks!

Hi and welcome to the forum,

It seems, it’s necessary to create an Aggregate Device in the Audio MIDI Setup. Then select this Aggregate Device as the ASIO Driver in Cubase, please.

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