Connection Cubase with HALion Sonic SE

I have Cubase 8 and HALion Sonic SE. Both are properly installed but it seems that they are not ‘connected’? When I try to get an instrument into a Cubase project from HALion by using the drop down button the HALion box that should be filled with a choice of instruments is empty. What am I doing wrong?

Maybe rephrase my question: when I look on the Download Assistent to e.g. Halion Sonic 3, I can download the software of Halion Sonic 3 AND the content (big data file). But when I go to Halion sonic SE I only see the software, but no content. So my actual question is: how can I get the content for Halin Sonic SE?

have you downloaded the Halion Sonic SE content

you need to ‘register it’ in the Steinberg Library Manager…by double clicking it the content file.

Thanks for your reply.
I think I have downloaded it. I have a subdir called ‘Content’ with ca 30 GB of x.VSTsounds, but when I double click on one of them I get the message: ‘No action was performed! The correseponding VST sounds are already registered.’
But for some reason I cannot get the sounds into Cubase…