Connection Headphones to ASIO4ALL

With the great help of the Forum I finally managed to get the ASIO4ALL generate Audio Output.

For me there’s one last audio hurdle, and that is being able to use headphones

The result of pressing F4 is shown in the attached picture. ASIO4ALL apparently has created 8 speakers. I organized them in pairs, in 4 busses. I don’t know if that makes senses. Anyway, no matter which one of these busses I select as “main mix”, audio output is always generated by the same pair of speakers connected with a single 3.5mm plug to a stereo plug at the back of my PC.

I would somehow like to select the headphone plug at the front of my PC as the audio output. Any ideas?

Headphones are usually not on a separate output channel with on board sounds. They either run parallel with the speaker output on the back or they will mute the output on the back when plugged in. Not sure about this though as i haven’t been using on board audio for the last 20 years or so other than from a secondary laptop used for work.

Further to KHS’s reply, do you really have 4 stereo outputs on the PC? Can you use them on any other software as seperate outputs? I know there are front and rear jack sockets but they’re usually actually just duplicates and as KHS says plugging in the headphones usually cuts off the others (that’s how it works on mine if I use onboard sounds and ASIO4ALL).

FWIW on my Laptop I also use ASIO4ALL with the onboard sound as it gives lower latency than the Generic driver and it also shows 4 stereo pairs of outputs and there definitely aren’t that many on my Laptop.