connection question with vdrums

I record drums using vdrums td 15kv, which works great when I am using addictive drums VST with Cubase. However, I recorded a song, and a drum kit in the vdrum module is perfect for this song.

Problem is vdrums record the midi data but don’t transfer the audio sound for mixdown.

What I want to do is trigger the vdrum through my cubase midi performance, come out of the vdrum module to the 816x and record the audio to a track in Cubase.
My question is what is the best connection route to to accomplish this goal. The vdrum module has a 1/4" stereo R/L out and mono out as well as a head phone out. Where the confusion really starts for me is what connect to use with the 816x.

I don’t understand the purpose of some these connections like S/PDIF and OPTICAL. Would I just line out of the vdrum (mono? stereo L/R?) to the DI on the front of the 816x and set up a track like I would with a direct bass or direct guitar track.

Or is there a better or another way. I respectfully and appreciatively ask if you answer this question to give me detailed description of the connection so when I go the guitar center the sale person sales me the right cord or connection. The are so many combinations and configurations.

Thanks so much for your help.

Do you have your drum performance already recorded in Cubase as MIDI? If so, you’d have to send it back via USB to trigger the TD-15 brain, as there’s no MIDI in socket. I actually use a TD 4 which doesn’t have USB MIDI capability, but I believe it is possible with the TD-15. If not- you;re going to have to play the part again and record it as audio.

Recording the real-time audio output of the TD-15 as a stereo mix of the whole kit is, as you say, as straightforward as connecting the L+R outs from the TD15 to a pair of inputs on the MR unit using a pair of1/4 jack cables, just as you would with a guitar or bass but using a pair of inputs. The combo input sockets on the MR are actually XLR/TRS(balanced line) inputs, but you shouldn’t have any issue using normal guitar type (TS) cables. You could then record a drum performance as audio using the internal sounds of the Roland unit. Route the channels on the MR to a stereo audio track in Cubase and Bob’s your uncle.

The digital connections on the MR you mention are useful but unfortunately an irrelevance here as the TD-15 has no digital connectivity. The S/PDIF is useful if you want to use the digital in/out capabilty of something like a guiter modelling unit such as a line 6 Helix to record or re-amp without running the signal backwards and forwards several times through the digital conversion process. The optical connections are handy if you want to add more inputs + outputs to your system. I use 4 MR units to give me a total of 32 ins+outs, Firewire allows you to daisy chain 3 units together, and the 4th one is connected to the 3rd via the optical (ADAT) connectors.