Connection with SL61mkII is lost by Cubase 8

Hello there

Looks like I have another problem to report… I recently upgraded my machine from XP to Win7x64 and moved from Cubase 5 to Cubase 8. I kept all the hardware (a few hardware synths, Liquid Mix) - including my old and time proven SL61mkII… And it seems after a few days of running the machine I cannot cure the following issue - for whatever reason Cubase loses connection with this keyboard. May happen after some 5 mins of playing synths (soft or hardware) or may take some 10-15 mins - but eventually it loses connection. What happens is the keyboard becomes simply unresponsive and the last played synth note typically hangs for some time.

I noticed that initially this had to do with touching the pitchbend. The keyboard would be “gone” every time I moved the pitchend’s vertically (i.e. modulation). However after I calibrated the wheel in the SL61mkII settings the problem was gone - I can use the pitchbend as much as I need without losing connection. Still, this didn’t fix the main problem - the keyboard is still lost eventually by Cubase whether I’m using or not using the pitchbend.

The solution I came with is easy but of course very disturbing - I just restart Cubase. The keyboard would be “on” again. But of course this is not sustainable in future.

Any ideas what to do?


I’d recommend you check all drivers are up-to-date, including BIOS and mobo.

Also try using midiox to see if this loses connection after 5 minutes…