Considerations on cubase 10.5

Hello to all

I was hoping for something more, I go in order with the major new features:
“Spectral Comparison EQ” - I almost never use the internal EQ, I use “fabfilter pro q-3”.
“Video Export Render” - I’m not interested in videos.
“MultiTap Delay” - he looks interesting but it’s just a plug-ins effect
“Padshop 2” - I think Padshop1 already did its job.
“Colorized Mixer Channels” - this seems very interesting, now I can better highlight the selected track.
“Import Tracks From Projects” - I don’t have this need to import tracks from other projects, every project is new.
“Retrospective MIDI Record” - this is very interesting, I often play without recording on multiple instruments.
“Combined Select Tools” - this also sounds interesting I have to try it.

I hope other users are happier than me, in the meantime I will antend the multi-track, group, folter … all freeze, maybe 11?

in the meantime I’m waiting for the download of this version.

I’m gonna skip this one, new features are not particularly exciting and the fixes I am expecting were so ‘low priority’ on the survey list that they’re probably not there as well.

Sorry to hear you feel that its disappointing to you but an acceptable personal perspective.

I’m liking what I am seeing and the Spectral comparison eq may be worth it alone especially for those that dont have Fab Filter Pro Q3. The workflow enhancement of being able to eq two sources without switching windows is pretty powerful if works as well as video shows.

The other stuff looks pretty good as well especially import tracks from projects which I often have need for especially if you can import settings ie drum processing etc so that drums are consistent across a collection of song.

Love colored mixer channels, retrospective midi record and combined select tools as well.

For me, again its personal, but it does pretty well for a $59 .5 release.

Even though I’ve probably made every macro possible, great to see this area has been improved and will help people who haven’t already, get into macros. Certainly easier managing and refining my current list of macros will be appreciated when I have to.

IMPORT TRACKS > FOLDERS! Huge, way huge. Such a time saver and workflow feature that it will become a creative thing, to be able to just drop in a particular drum routing mix setup retaining all mix settings, routing to groups, fx, etc. The update is way worth it for just this alone.

The built in frequency comparison - very cool to have that instantaneously, even if you use 3rd party plugs for EQing.

LUFS Normalize! HUGE! This is worth $50 alone.

Safe Start without Plugins! Huge problem resolver.

The more tangible MIDI Retrospective Record will be very very appreciated in moments, I could have used this 100 times this year.

Some cool new plugins and PadShop 2

That multitap delay is incredible

There are som neat features. It’s not that expensive if you go from 10. For me (mojave) the graphical performance has dropped quite a lot.

More features not mentioned here or in the highlights, videos from Greg

Editing Enhancements in Cubase | New Features in Cubase 10.5

Mixing Enhancements | New Features in Cubase 10.5

Workflow Enhancements | New Features in Cubase 10.5

Walkthrough of the New MultiTap Delay | New Features in Cubase 10.5

All in all, a fair upgrade for USD60 IMO.

  • Don’t underestimate the power of the combined edit tools update. It may seem minor, but being able to use tools like that can make a huge difference in workflow. I base this opinion on the fact that they basically copied a bunch of stuff from Studio One on that one, and working that way in Studio One really increased my efficiency … especially since I do a lot of audio editing.

  • Video export is a huge PIA saver for those who do film scoring.

  • The new plugs (multi tap delay and updated Padshop) are great.

  • The updates to key commands are cool.

  • I was surprised at the improvements in the scoring tools.

I run Mojave, but upgrading beyond that is not possible with my current Mac. This is the end of the road for me unless I buy a new Mac. (I’m sure I will.)

I was hoping that they would pick up some of the improvements in external instruments and EFX from the latest Wavelab, as well as some hints of a move towards Dorico integration, but hey! They need something to do in v 11!


I was about to say exactly the same thing. There are many other nice features, but I don’t see that any of them will make much difference to me.

I didn’t see any detail on the normalizing feature. If it does what I hope, it will save me a LOT of time. I am hoping that this is a simple command to normalize the whole project, adjusting the levels on MIDI and audio such that the full mix matches the normalization target. Right now, I have to do a lot of trial and error. And every time you tweak anything, you potentially change the LUFS level, so it would be awesome to have a quick way to proportion everything back to the target.

Has anybody seen details on this feature yet?

Is there a pdf with detailed release notes?

Thanks. There’s not much there. The video seems to imply that this is only for a “final mix”, meaning (I think) that it will operate only on a single audio track. That’s something, but far short of what I had hoped for.

I was hoping that I could use this while mixing many tracks, with the new normalize function looking at the LUFS for the full mix and scaling the volumes in every track as needed to meet the desired LUFS for the full mix.

I guess this would be a difficult thing to do because if you cut (or boost) the volumes on tracks by a given percentage, that won’t necessarily result in that same percentage change in the full mix because of compression effects. Maybe I am just dreaming, but it would still be nice to be able to scale all the MIDI and audio levels with one simple operation, even if it wouldn’t exactly match a LUFS target for the full mix. I guess I an already do this by grouping the tracks, but I find that tedious when working with more than a handful of tracks.

BTW, I always leave the master fader at unity and make all volume adjustments at the track level so as not to confuse any effects on the master bus.

Hmm, not entirely sure what you are after. I think it’s not typically how people use LUFS, it’s either used when your mix is done and you are doing final mix compression, or you have a completely static finished track and are wanting to adjust it for LUFS standards.

It sounds to me like, you want to get into using VCA to make overall unified overall multi-track adjustment pre-master bus and doing this while looking at a LUFs meter. You may be interested in YouLean meter as well.

What I’m interested in, does the LUFS normalize do each event separately if you have say, multiple snare samples selected as separate events.

I will skip this version because of missing “multitrack free warp” feature.
The implemented features I do not need.
LUFS is managed in wavelab so I do not need this in my mixer…
For professional audio recording we will continue to use S1…
Is Steinberg not able to implement this BASIC DAW FEATURE?
Perhaps version 11…?? But I do not have much hopes :frowning:

Possibly. I do have the ability to see integrated LUFS, but the YouLean meter might be an easier, more prominent way to see that. I realize that is primarily a mastering concern, but I do like to get my mixes into the right general range. Parking YouLean on some spare screen real estate might help a lot.

So I guess I am back to no 10.5 features that really hit the things I do. Of course, the upgrades are priced such that there is no reason NOT to do the upgrade. You will pay for the 10.5 level eventually, so why not get the upgrade now?

Well it still may be useful for you to do an additional LUFS normalize on an exported stereo track to see if there is any difference in adjustment from what you did manually, and for instance, you might have 3 stereo tracks and you just want to do this normalization based on one of them.

what you ask is the ozone izotope plug-in in the maximize section, but I think it’s expensive.

The import folders from project is by itself enough for the upgrade. Finally a preference for not turning the loop on in the location bar at the top!!!

Pretty good update.

Owners of Padshop Pro didn’t get reckognition (discount) :frowning:
Still no snap tools to hitpoints in arranger
Multitap Delay - very nice one

Good job SB for hacking away at the user feature requests.

PS this is my remaining list of FR’s…

VariAudio to display polyphony tones
5th chord for Chord track
Adapt to zoom grid for Audio and Midi editors
Copy EQ settings also includes Filter (lp/hp)
Easier to see Zoom +/- (easy to click off those buttons in Arranger View. Very small on monitor 1440p)
Arpeggiator in Lower Zone (all new Arp for input recording)
Improved Beat Designer for stock Cubase
Normalize on export
Lock feature for mixer elements (like a plastic covering) to prevent mouse click changes
Track split/combine to mono/stereo
Snap to hitpoints snap-type (Arranger view) !!! IMPORTANT!!!
Rewire stereo (remember Cubase 5…)
Chord track can be sent to more than one destination track
Up/Down keys can be used during search results for plugins