Considering buying Focusrite pro 24 dsp questions

I have an edirol ua25 - its great, but not enough outputs and inputs, and its usb

I wanted one that uses firewire and has more outputs but dont want to break the bank

Considering the Pro24 DSP, by focusrite

Has anyone got one of these? would they recommend, or is there better for the £250 I’m considring spending

I’m thinking the Firewire will offer slightly better latency than my usb? Is this usually the case?

Also want to be able to use the card for NI Traktor (monitor a mix, with seperate output going to speakers), presume this is possible on a card with many outputs

Any ideas greatly considered

hi Betamac, is there any reason u want to go for fire wire?? i mean, speed tranfer comparison is not that much between usb 2.0 and firewire… hmm

actually i was considering the Pro 24 too, but from i read in some forum, they say u have to make sure that u have ur firewire pot (legacy bla bla) to make compatible with the pro 24… some have problem due to this …

then came the Scarlet 18i6, which is basiclly the same as the pro 24, but usb 2.0 not firewire… so i end up buying 8i6 which is the little brother to the scarlet 18i6 last weekend… i dont need that much input ,thats why i end up buying the 8i6 .
result: perfect … not latency issues, mic pre was great, everything sounded more “bright n powerful” compare to my old interface…which is only usb 1.1…
try using TRS(balance) connection from the scarlet to ur power monitor… wow!! u’ll be shock of the improvement :laughing:

my DAW setup is basicly identical to urs… intel Quad 2.66, window 7 64, 6G ram… u should get the same result as me i guess :wink:

so if u need the 18 input ,i guess the scarlet 18i6 should be perfect for u…:slight_smile:, anyway this is just my opinion,

p/s:i normally spend time in forum, but i think its a waste not to share about this… :slight_smile:


I’ve looked at the scarlet, and seems like no reviews for it that can be looked at as far as I can see

so Whats the difference in performance/latency if compare USB 1.1, USB 2, firewire? Focusrite do a 6 usb, which has 6 ins and 4 outs, and is USB 1.1, still get focusrite pres , but its £100 cheaper!!

Starting to wonder if firewire is best, I was always under the impression firewire was faster than USB, is this not allways the case?

I’m not really a computer genius… But if not mistaken usb 2.0 max tranfer speed is 400mbps, while the firwire is 480mbps compare to the old usb 1.1 which is 12mbps only max…so not much difference between 2.0 and the firewire…
Performance ?? With scarlet I have manage to use 2 guitars simultaneously, both with VST (guitar rig)n stil no latency problem… While with my old lexicon which is only usb 1.1 … This is totally not possible!!
I guess u won’t go wrong between the 2.0 and firwire, it is just a matter of if u have the connection or not… Just double check ur pc motherboard…u should b fine…

It´s vice versa…

Firewire has better sustained data transfer among other things.

thanx for clearing things up guys, sorry for my mistake…

anyway Beatmac check this link,

its about the firewire (chipset n driver) requirement for the sapphire pro that i mention earlier,