Considering Sample Tank 3 - opinions?

I just switched to Cubase 9.5 Pro after many years of Sonar. Sonar Platinum came with some great synths (ie Dimension Pro), but I don’t think they work in the Cubase 9.5 64-bit world (anyone?). I notice the basic HALion SE orchestra sounds that come with Cubase 9.5 Pro aren’t that great. I’m not really into editing and sampling my own sounds (I just want to have great strings, french horns, oboes etc). Both HALion 6 and Kontakt 6 seem pricey (+$300). Also, HALion 6 seems to offer all this editing and sampling functionality (where my goal is just to have good sounds). I see Sample Tank 3 is available in the $99 range. Is that something I should pick up for starters? Can I assume it is compatible with Cubase 9.5 Pro? Thank you.

hi, there are a few options for entry-level or light packages, but these are a little more than the $99…

a) IK Miroslav Philharmonic 2 CE
b) Impact Sound Works (ISW), Rhapsody and/or Barvura
c) HAlion Symphonic Orchestra (HSO)
d) Steinberg Iconica Ensembles (this is on promotional entry price at the moment…)


Thanks, that is great info - I will check those out.

Does anyone know if Garritan Personal Orchestra 5 and Garritan Jazz & Big Band 3 are comatible with Cubase 9.5 Pro?

Garritan Personal Orchestra 5 works fine for me in Cubase Pro 9.5, I would assume that all the other Garritan instruments work just as well.

Thank you very much

Sample Tank 3 is very good value. There are heaps of very decent orchestral sounds there, some that I return to regularly. Many string sounds are decent too, but depending on your needs, you may need some add-ons to satisfy you there, or eventually look elsewhere. But well worth checking out, imho. Good luck!

I’m a novice and I must be doing something very wrong - it can’t be that it is not possible (or extremely tedious) to create multiple tracks in Cubasis from Sample Tank – or can it?

I’m using Cubasis 2 with Sample Tank into which I’ve loaded the Miroslav package and Im trying to use multiple (4 to orchestral) numbers of Miroslav tracks. When I try to add a second MIDI track I get an error message. The various different methods around this (freezing, using audio tracks instead) have not worked for me - maybe my error.

But I think I’m doing something wrong because you guys talk about using Sample Tank as if there are no fundamental problems like this.

What am I doing wrong here?