Consistent Crashes on Cubasis 3.6 on Chromebook

I use Cubasis 3.6 on my Asus i7 Chromebook. The device is up-to-date (Google Chrome: Version 122.0.6261.118) and Cubasis seems to work fine most of the time until I try to record audio from my acoustic guitar plugged into my Scarlett 2i2 while listening to a track. I have narrowed it down while playing back a track with only drum loops and a second track for my guitar audio. I have set the latency to 8 MS (4 in / 4 out). The audio interface is plugged directly into the Chromebook. Are there any settings I can try or logs I can see to understand why Cusbisis just quits? Sometimes it does after a few bars or after several.

Hi @scottlawrencelawson

Thanks for your message.

The performance of Cubasis for Android/Chromebook is strongly related to the device(s) in use.

You may give it a try choosing a higher latency value and experiment with the Multi-core Processing status.

Hope that helps!

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