Consistent crashing with Cubase 10

I’ve in Cubase 10 hell ever since I updated from 8.5. I’ve already uninstalled and reinstalled and checked my plugins and made sure they were up to date. Steinberg/Yamaha suspects 10 is not compatible with my graphics card. My computer was custom built and pretty new and runs Cubase 8.5 beautifully. I was told that my case would be esculated to Germany but have not heard anything back so far. I’m running the latest version in Windows 10. Another strange thing is that Cubase is not showing in crash reports for 10. Only for 8.5, which there weren’t many there. I’m about the throw my hands up and except that I shouldn’t have spent the $200 to upgrade when 8.5 works just fine. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. It was also be great to hear back from Steinberg. Thanks for reading…

PS…I’m happy to supply anything that’s helpful to figure this out…


Try to generate a crash file by using Microsoft ProcDump utility, please.

Share the system information, please.

Get in touch with official Steinberg support.

Just thought I’d follow up on my Cubase 10 issues with crashing. I ended up acquiring another graphics card… a slightly older Nvidia. It seems to have fixed the crashes as I’ve been running 10 pretty much all day with no crashes. I’m pretty sure this new card fixed the issues but I’ll let you know otherwise. In any case I’m hoping this experience might be of some use to developers or users for which GPUs may not be compatible.