Consistent delay for internal midi instruments

OK, this only happens in some projects but it’s driving me nuts not knowing what it is. The simplest explanation I can provide is that midi notes triggers approximately 250ms late. For example: I create a new project, add one midi track, add Halion SE as a rack instrument, load kit on midi ch 10. Create a midi track, assign output to Halion SE, ch 10, and place something percussive, say a rimshot, on the beat. Turn on metronome, quarter note click. Hit play. The metronome (visually) looks to play right on the beat. The rimshot however plays about 250ms behind the click. That is, at 120bpm, it sounds like an 1/8 note. At 75 bpm, it’s a triplet note on the ‘ee’, that is you can count it 1(click) - ee (rimshot) -and - ah - 2(click) - ee(rimshot)… etc.

So that is not normal latency from playing a midi keyboard - this is being entered directly into cubase. What am I missing?

Cubase 10 pro latest update
Windows 10 latest updates
i7/16GB mem
Nothing else running.

I have searched the forum and the internet but all of the discussion is on midi latency. I don’t think that’s what happening here, though there’s clearly a delay somewhere.

Thanks in advance!

Hi, did you ever manage to fix this? I have just installed 10.5 pro and am having something similar. I created a midi track in a virtually empty project and put a note on and it’s sounding on the ‘and’ i.e. half a beat late at 120bpm. It’s a fixed delay (in ms) because as I change the bpm the delay changes, until at 60bpm it’s a semiquaver out. I am mystified that out of the box I am seeing this behaviour.